Tailored subscriptions

One of the pluses which makes Nii Progetti different from competitors is the possibility to tailor the subscription according to our customers’needs. Our team of sales assistants help prospects in the choice after getting information about their activity, geographical reach and target market. In this way our files can be filtered so as to provide customers with the right information at the right time. This is the reason why hundreds of leading societies in a variety of fields have been using Nii Progetti for years in order to beat the competition.

There are three main kinds of subscriptions:

:: Geographical – With this subscription information can cover the whole country or a specific geographical area

:: Work stages – This selection classifies information according to 3 stages of development of the project:

Preparation (Appraisal and Design brief)

Design (Concept and technical design)


:: Category of work– There are 6 classes, according to the final destination of the building:

Industry – Industrial Buildings – Factories – Warehouses

Tertiary – Hotels -Office Buildings -Shop Premises – Entertainment (Cinemas, Theatres)

Services – Hospitals – Schools – Museums

Residential – Apartment Blocks – Villas

Engineering – Roads – Bridges – Harbours – Dams – Landscaping Works

Development Planning – Planning of Industrial, Residential and Commercial Areas, Town Planning Schemes [click here to see the list of categories]

These selections can be combined generating tens of different possibilities which can meet any need.

Here are the subscriptions of some of our customers:

A leading manufacturer of taps has been receiving since 1990 our information of Stage B for all Italy

An international group producing civil and industrial wiring systems subscribed for Stage B of Industrial and Tertiary Sectors

A firm dealing in contract for hotels all over Italy is going to take out a subscription for Category 223 of Tertiary Sector, which includes Touristic Resorts, Hotels and Restaurants

An industrial air conditioning fitter operating in a limited area of Lombardy subscribed to West Lombardy Area, which includes the provinces of Milano, Lodi, Pavia, Varese and Como

A civil and industrial cleaning contractor operating in Northern Italy finds new customers in our reports of Stage E of Northern Italy