A made-to-measure subscrition

The subscription to Nii Progetti is like a made-to-measure dress: it is made up according to your own needs.

The quotation is refined through three simple but effective steps.

1. The size

First of all it is necessary to take measurements: our consultants will talk to you on the phone to get the necessary information and give you a correct service. They will ask you about your business, the area where you operate, how you usually get the information for your activity etc.

It is fundamental for us to understand your needs, your goals, your expectations for the future of your firm. The more we learn about your business, the better the subscription will fit you.

2. The cloth

With our help you will be able to choose the most suitable kind of subscription. Once we have gathered the necessary information, we will submit several proposals, in order to balance costs and needs, until the result comes up to your expectations.

3. The dress

The tailorization is complete and the dress is ready.

To be sure it is perfect, you will be granted some more time to test it and, in case, to modify or integrate it. Together with the quotation you will receive all the instructions to enter the web site and a trial password which will enable you to test the service and start working with it.

Last but not least, after you subscribe, your initial choice can be modified, integrated and adjusted during the whole subscription period with a simple telephone call to our customer service.