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What is Nii Progetti

The original name of the publication was Nuove Iniziative Industriali and it was chosen 50 years ago. Today it has become Nii Progetti, and it still perfectly identifies our service:

  • We daily report hundreds of news in the construction sector, in any field and for any destination of the building.
  • Our team of professional researchers is constantly at work to gather, process and elaborate the information for subscribers.
  • A constant technological update guarantees the quality and the immediatness of our publications: we started with cyclostyled files sent by ordinary mail, went on with data processing in the eighties, to come to the infinite potential of Internet.

What We Do

We give you much more than mere information. What we do is to provide you with a unique working tool: on line, real time information organized in clear and easy-to-read reports.

Nii Progetti is a meticulous data bank on all the activities related to the construction world, both private and public mandants, all stages of development, all destinations (industrial and residential, tertiary and civil engineering). Moreover, we publish lots of contact details of all decision-makers (architects, promoters, main contractors).

Our Method

The gathering of information is made through a network of reliable contacts, private and public written official sources, the constant reference to local and national press and, above all, direct interviews to decision makers.

The data – classified according to the stage of development, master category, geographical area – are processed by an effective information platform, which enables the web publication of detailed and easy-to-read reports, the development of statistics and periodical surveys and, above all, the tailorization of subscriptions according to the needs of our customers.

Your Advantages

On Line publication: it enables an easy and fast consultation and the selection of the most interesting information, avoiding the uneasiness of keeping a paper file.

Daily updates on the Web: every day updated information, additional details on projects already published, latest news.

Detailed information about private mandants: this is the plus which makes Nii Progetti unique.

Lack of advertisements: a precise choice in order to guarantee the quality of our information.

Tailorization of subscriptions: to make the most of the investment, subscriptions are tailored to our customers’ requirements, whether it be by region, sector or stage of development.
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Constant advice: our customer service is always willing to give support and advice, from estimate to renewal.